Computer Science Entrepreneurship

It’s been a long time…

From the week after Yacht Hack in September last year, I’ve been pretty full-on busy for the last academic year, focussing on achieving a First (Summa Cum Laude for any Americans reading) (successfully achieved!) and co-founding a new startup called pingWHEN (made all the more difficult by a 4500 mile gap between my co-founder and myself).

Some of my earlier blogs refer to my undertaking a 4-year Masters degree course. This changed during Yacht Hack. I’ve been interested in Entrepreneurship for a long time, running many small businesses from aged about 13. During my first two years at University I forgot all about this passion and was just focussed on software engineering, academia, internships, and hiking mountains. Yacht Hack reminded me that I should be working in the entrepreneurial space, and after a conversation with my now co-founder and business partner, Julie Markham, I decided to drop my masters year, thus leaving myself with just one year of study (the year I have just completed) and a Bachelors degree.

Now that I’m done I’ll be focussing 100% of my energy into growing pingWHEN into a viable business. More posts to follow!