pingWHEN Blogs During TechStars

Techstars Week 2: Finally…we’re getting out of the weeds

This is a blog post in a series written during the first fortnight of our participation in Techstars London 2015.

Count down to demo day - 87 days to go!
Count down to demo day – 87 days to go!

What did you do today?

The CEOs had a meeting at 7:30am following, which was surprisingly well attended bearing in mind last nights party went on until 3am. After that, we met with 6 mentors and were able to present the more refined pingWHEN that came from the “<app X> for Safety is <a product or feature idea>” exercise from last night. The sessions seemed to go better than those over the last three days, which the summarising feedback this evening confirmed. A few key ideas came up in the mentoring, including using a call centre to reach out to you in case of possible emergency rather than an automated SMS system, putting the user more in control of what constitutes and emergency.

After following up with the mentors we each went our own separate ways to do a bit of a ‘clean up’, and between us applied for three competitions for pingWHEN to boost publicity.

Ping Pong in the Kitchen
Ping Pong in the Kitchen

The clock is counting down worryingly fast – it’s now only 87 days until demo day! Although there’s still time for a casual game of ping pong!

Sam: After working through a few emails and writing two applications to the TalkTalk Digital Heroes competition, I spent time doing market research on personal automation services such as IFTTT and experimenting with what already exists and what works.