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Software projects

My Published iOS Projects

The Branon Anonymous Web Browser – iPhone/iPadMac OS XWindowsWebsite

Reaction Test Pro (With World Wide Leaderboard showing the quickest one-shot and three-game-average reaction times around the globe!) – downloaded over 60,000 times.  I started from scratch in V3.0 to follow both Apple’s design guidelines and a User-Centred Design approach – iPhone/iPad

Arithmetic-kle – Maths Jokes – iPhone/iPad

Tap Tap App – a pointless app I made to experiment with concurrency in iOS and communicating with MySQL databases – iPhone/iPad

Joint Published iOS Projects

Trekit – An interactive expedition kit list, to help you pack a trekking rucksack.  Alastair Cooke and I built this to solve the problems we had when doing our Duke of Edinburgh Award – iPhone/iPad

Total Tables and Turtle Tables – a uniquely user-centred approach to the design of a times tables and advanced multiplication practise app (blog post).  Both apps encourage competition through global leaderboards and feature beautiful, clean UI’s.  Both apps target different audiences:

  • Total Tables (for adults) features a smart and clear UI targeted as serious players – iPhone/iPad
  • Turtle Tables (for kids) features a fun interface with multiple animated characters, whilst maintaining a clean and simple general style – iPhone/iPad

Published Google Glass Apps

2014 – Spot the Station – by simply saying “Ok Glass, Where is the Space Station”, Glass will tell you when the Space Station is next going to pass over you, and then it will align your head to point straight at it – useful for spotting or photographing it.  This is done using the GPS in your tethered phone, the location of the ISS from NASA, and the elevation angle and bearing of Glass from it’s inbuilt tilt sensor and compass.  The user sees this in the form of two arrows, pointing either up or down, left or right, with an angle indicating how much the user must turn their head to be looking at the ISS.  Created at the UK’s first Google Glass Hackathon with Alessio Fabiani and Antonio Matarrese on GitHub – Code

Other Software Projects

2013-2014 – SEPR Air Traffic Control Games – a University Module simulating a Software Engineering job in industry (working in a small team of 5 developers).  Here, we produced an Air Traffic Control Game, then took on another Teams and added features, then took on another Teams and added a parallax effect powered by the tracking of your face via webcam and multiplayer, where we implemented a networked approach with networking via a custom-written server.  The first game was quite dull, the second was entertaining, and the third and final was addictive.  I played a leading role in the design and engineering of these games within my team.

2014 – 3JVision – an extension of a previous (very poorly coded) attempt to use a users face to simulate a 3D object on screen.  Written in Java, and using the OpenCV library for face detection, and LWJGL for 3D rendering, this project contains advanced error detection and correction for outliers in the face detection data and provides a live ‘stream’ of accurate face positions.  This data is then used to manipulate a 3D cube to show a perspective simulating the real-life perspective shift of a cube – Blog PostCode

2013 – Systems and Compilers Module – Octo-Shell – The aim here is to construct a basic shell utility, performing a subset of the operations that bash facilitates.  This project is finished now, and is on GitHub.  Further updates may be made.  Code [UNIVERSITY]

In preparation for my summer 2013 internship at Google, I spent some time learning C++ from the book C++ Primer.  Following my internship I am continuing to learn C++ from the book.  As I couldn’t find any solutions to exercises I decided to publish mine as I completed them here.

Hardware Projects

‘Mum… I’m building a CPU’ – A project to build a CPU from scratch with TTL logic – Read More

Touch Screen Table, built using the FTIR effect with Alastair Cooke – Read More

Other University Projects

Second Year (2013-2014)

Dat Flying Game – An Air Traffic Control Game – See above.

Controller Concern Mk. 2 – A Cool Air Traffic Control Game – See above.

Flighty Mk. 2 – A Totally Awesome Air Traffic Control Game – See above.

Octo-Shell – see above.

First Year (2012-2013)

Human Aspects of Computer Science – A Study Into the Experience and Effect of Social Presence When Playing Digital Games – Report [UNIVERSITY]

Human Aspects of Computer Science – You In York – Exercise in Human Centred Design – an app for tourists, or potential tourists, to York – ReportPrototype iOS App [UNIVERSITY]


2011 – Piran Films Website – More a management challenge than a technical challenge (working with a real-life customer) – Based on WordPress with the Freshy 2 theme, but CSS largely changed to support the new layout for Piran Films – Website (website replaced)