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Coming Home from WWDC – My Thoughts

WWDC 2013
WWDC 2013

So, WWDC is now over, but it’s content and everything it set in motion is only just getting started.  So, what are my final thoughts?  Would I go again?

Over the last couple of days since the conference I’ve realised that attending the conference is only the start of the list of WWDC and it lives on for a fair few months after.  I’ve been working on a few projects literally to experiment with parts of Objective-C that are new to me, and I’ve started a pair of projects which I have no idea how I will complete (inspiration for them: Moonshot Thinking Video by Google) – one focussed around converting a video stream to a graphical form (lots of core algebra is involved here – I’m really learning it’s easier to keep doing some active Maths now and then instead of just forgetting it since it took a little while to get back up to speed).

A big part of WWDC is the technical stuff that happens both outside and after the event.  For example, in the Keynote, there was brief talk of a new feature in iOS 7 for Enterprise – Per-App VPN – meaning you can connect to a VPN if and only if the user is using your app.  Apart from this and one other brief mention in another presentation, there was no information on it.  Since this is an area that could be really useful to my apps, I have been chasing information on the feature, and the developer community has been incredibly helpful through WWDC channels.  From the Apple Developer Forums through to comments on the videos of the sessions (they record all of the sessions for us to watch after WWDC) the (very) few of us that are interested in this have naturally grouped together to pool resources through the Apple communities, which would never have happened otherwise.  In other words, WWDC is somewhere where you chose to network with interesting and like-minded people who you are likely to stay in contact with.

So, would I go again?  Definitely.  From having access to the latest information regarding iOS and OS X to been able to get questions answered immediately by the people who actually wrote the software – it’s an invaluable experience.  And as I say it opens a lot of doors in terms of information after the event and new acquaintances.